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Costa's Moto Club | Car, Motorcycle, Buggy & Atv Rentals Ios
  The rental vehicles are for one or two people, in case he locates a moped with three people, it is removed from the customer and a fine of 120 € is imposed on him
  The mopeds are insured for material and physical damage that may be caused to third parties.
  In case of an accident due to another, the damages are compensated by the one who caused them (since of course we know his details, name, etc.).
  In the event of an accident due to the customer, the customer is obliged to pay the damages caused.
  The customer is obliged to pay the damages, in any form of vandalism, theft of parts.
  In case of theft of the vehicle, the customer is responsible, and must pay it to the owner in full.
  The mopeds are in excellent condition. Customers are required to return them as received.
  In case of a flat tire, the customer pays for the restoration 12 €
  In case of unjustified delay from the day and time that has been previously determined to return the rented, the customer is charged with 3 € per hour.
  Traffic violations are borne by the customer.
  No refunds.
  Driving on sand or in places without roads, on roads with bad condition (stone, potholes) and generally on impassable roads is prohibited and a fine of 120 € is imposed.
  Helmets are provided free of charge.
  Charge 40 € if the helmet is not returned.
  Maximum speed limit 50km / h
  Drunk driving is prohibited.
  If the customer accepts the benefits of special insurance then terms 4 and 5 are revoked accordingly.